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Cost for each class is listed under each class description
NOTE: Proof of vaccination is required on first day of class
(puppies under 4 months of age do not need proof of rabies)
All classes are limited in size
Pre-payment of Classes is a requirement - Please remit payment to:
QCDOC, P.O. Box 594, Milan, IL 61264 or PayPal
Pre-payment insures your spot in the class - PLEASE PAY BEFORE FIRST CLASS.

Classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

NOTE: QCDOC Instructors reserve the right to dismiss any dogs that shows aggression to other dogs and/or people. Handlers who are unable or unwilling to keep their dogs under control will be asked to leave.
Refunds or referrals to a different class are at the sole discretion of the trainers.
We recommend using a 6 foot leather or nylon leash (leather is easier on your hands).
Flexi-leads are not allowed on the training floor.
Flat, martingale, choke or pinch collars are acceptable depending on your dogs skill level.
We recommend comfortable clothing. No Flip Flops.

Quad Cities Dog Obedience Club has leather leashes and a variety of collars available for purchase.
We purchase our equipment is purchased from J&J Dog Supplies.
QCDOC encourages family participation, but please note that we do NOT have child care facilities available.
Young children must be supervised or be able to take part in the training.
Only One Trainer is Allowed On the Training Floor at a time.
Meet the Instructors:Brown, Clark, Cummings, Flaugher, Iwen, Teel, VanLandegen

Registration Information

Zip Code:
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Dog's Name:
Dog's Age:
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Class Selections

We do not keep waiting lists.
If all classes are full you must wait to sign up for the next available class.

This is an All-Volunteer Club - Classes are offered based on the schedules and availability of our member trainers
Puppy Classes:
Each 6 Week Course $80

A 6-week course that includes socialization, grooming tips, healthcare, and
informal introduction to walking on leash, sit, stay, down,
and come when called, for puppies 12 weeks to 6 months old.

CLASS IS FULL! January 14, 2018: Sunday, 3:00p (Iwen)
CLASS IS FULL! January 22, 2018: Monday, 6:00p (Flaugher)
Advanced Puppy Classes:
Each 4 Week Course $80

Class is for dogs 6 months to 9 months
that have previously attended puppy class or at the discretion of the instructor.
Beginner Classes
Each 6 Week Course $80

This is a 6-week basic obedience class that focuses
on basic commands such as sit, down, stay,
come when called, and heeling. For dogs 6 months and older.
CLASS IS FULL! January 7, 2018: Sunday, 4:00p (Cummings)
CLASS IS FULL! January 10, 2018: Wednesday, 6:00p (VanLandegen)
CLASS IS FULL! January 13, 2018: Saturday, 10:00a (Teel)
CLASS IS FULL! February 5, 2018: Monday, 7:00p (Clark)
CLASS IS FULL! February 8, 2018: Thursday, 9:00a (Brown)
CLASS IS FULL! February 28, 2018: Wednesday, 6:00p (VanLandegen)
CLASS IS FULL! March 18, 2018: Sunday, 4:00p (Cummings)
April 9, 2018: Monday, 7:00p (Umphrey)
Advanced Beginner Classes
Each 6 Week Course $80

Dog/Handler teams should have taken 2-5 beginner sessions
before moving to Advanced Beginner.
January 9, 2018: Tuesday, 7:00p (Brown)
Rally Classes
1 Session - $14 non-member

Class includes focus on individual stations and run-throughs
AKC Canine Good Citizen Test
$10 Donation Non-Members; $5 Donation Members
December 7, 2017: Thursday, 6:00p, (Brown)
Therapy Dog Information
Limit 15 Dogs/Handlers.
Dogs must be 1 year or older. FREE
Click Here for more information
March 19, 2018: Monday, 6:00p (Brown)
Conformation Classes
By Tri-Cities Kennel Club
Contact Tri City Kennel Club for details

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