QUAD CITIES DOG OBEDIENCE CLUB 2019 Winner of the AKC Public Education Award

804 2nd Avenue West Milan IL


winner of 2019 AKC Public Education Award


The AKC developed a contest in 2018 called the "Public Education Award". The purpose of this contest was to promote more AKC dog clubs to be active in their own communities, to inspire more responsible dog ownership, and to promote more local involvement in dog issues and dog training.

We submitted an entry for this contest: an essay about what we do, a list about what we do, and pictures.  In addition, we submitted a poem in the style of "The Night Before Christmas". Our club was honored to win the contest for 2019. Two representatives from the AKC in Raleigh, NC, came to our September 2019 general meeting to present us with the award.  Deb Flaugher (Public Education Officer, and club secretary) accepted on behalf of the club, saying it is an honor to be part of such a dedicated group.

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You can download and read the essay and poem below.


Website version AKC Public Edu. Entry (docx)


AKC Public Education Award