QUAD CITIES DOG OBEDIENCE CLUB 2019 Winner of the AKC Public Education Award

QC Dog Obedience Club

804 2nd Avenue West Milan IL


Linda Brown / President


LAURA FRAEMBS / Vice President


DEB FLAUGHER / Secretary


Pam Clark / Treasurer


Board members

Tracy Rice


joe gates


Susie Cummings



Pamala Clark


I have been training dogs for over 30 years and training their owners for over 20 years. My dogs and I have several Obedience and Rally titles. Currently, my pack includes rescue dogs, both pure breed and All-American mix adopted as older dogs with issues. It is gratifying to draw out their personalities and potential as dogs and companions.  My training philosophy: I believe that EVERY dog, no matter their age, size, or breed needs a job (or two) and EVERY dog CAN do a job. Jobs can be anything from basic obedience (come, sit, stay) to pulling a wagon, herding, or dancing with you in your living room. The "what" is not as important as doing it together and having fun! I use a variety of training techniques, including lots of praise, treats, demonstration and mild corrections as needed to assist you and your dog have fun while learning to speak the same language.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you discover the potential for you and your dog!

Susie Cummings


Hi, my name is Susie Cummings.  My husband and I joined QCDOC back in the 70's but were out of the club for years and rejoined about 6 years ago. We've always had Dobermans, both purebred and rescues. We have always enjoyed training and showing our dogs, both in Rally and Obedience and we have numerous titles in both, with one of our past dogs making the Top 20 in obedience in the Doberman Pinscher Club of America. I love the interaction between people and their dogs and firmly believe that training makes for a better family member and a happy dog. My training methods are a blend of positive reinforcement and some corrections when needed. Dogs are much like people; with different dogs and breeds with different personalities and backgrounds responding to different methods. To quote a sentence out of a favorite book of mine; when people ask me how to train a dog, I say "I train the dog I'm training".  It's a very rewarding and bonding experience for the person and the dog and always fun to see a dog when they "get it."

Deb Flaugher


Deb Flaugher has taught humans all her life, but has just recently begun training dogs. She retired from teaching at Rockridge High School in 2015. She teaches AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Classes for the club. She believes that a well-trained dog will make a happy addition to a family, and the secret to training is to start training early and to be consistent with training. It's mainly about repetition and understanding the dog's natural instincts. She believes in a lot of positive reinforcement with dogs and with people. Deb's cockapoo, Cherry, has earned her CGC and has also titled in Beginning Novice Obedience, Rally Novice, and Tricks. 

Kay Iwen


Kay Iwen began dog training approximately 10-years ago as a puppy raiser for a service dog group; then desiring more formal training, she became a Certified Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College.  Her work is focused on helping people choose and train service dogs, and working with people in their homes to remedy pet dog behavior issues.  She is a positive reinforcement trainer, using food treats, praise and redirection to reward good behavior, rather than collar corrections, punishment and other harsh methods to punish unwanted behaviors.  She believes that having canine companions should be fun and rewarding for both people and their dog.

She currently has three dogs at home who are continuing her education. 

Paula Teel


I have had at least one dog as a member of my family for over twenty years. My current crew consists of a Black Labrador, a Tree Walker Coonhound and a Shepherd Collie mix. All three of my kids are rescues. I am actively involved with several different rescue organizations. My Labrador is a Certified Therapy dog. She also has earned her Rally Beginner Novice A title and is one leg away from earning her Obedience Beginner Novice B title. My nick name at work is “The crazy dog lady” because I am such a dog lover…..personally I take it as a compliment. Dogs fill a special place in my heart that no human will ever be able to fill.  I have participated in obedience training for close to 20 years. About three years ago, I decided I wanted to start training dogs so I enrolled in the Animal Behavior College dog training program. I successfully completed the one-year program and have been training dogs ever since. My training approach focuses on positive reinforcement, with mild correction when necessary.  "The time I spend working with my dogs enables me to build a special bond with each one of them. By taking the time to attend a training class, you will be able to do the same with your dog. Training takes time and energy, but it is so worth it!"

Dave VanLandegen


Dave has been a member of the QCDOC for over 18 years.  He has trained, owned, and shown bully breeds for many years and has put both obedience titles and conformation titles on many of them.  Additionally, he put one of the first “Fly Ball” titles in the county on a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  Dave and his wife Cindy are also very involved in animal rescue, especially as it relates to pit bulls.  They have fostered many homeless dogs over the years and helped find them loving homes.  Dave does temperament testing of dogs for local shelters.  He specializes in helping people with problem dogs, identifying problem areas and providing suggestions and training tools to help correct the problem behavior in the dog.  This one-on-one approach also helps make dog owners more confident.  The core of his training physiology is simple, “Dogs are dogs and not people, and if we train them with that understanding training comes easy.”  A well trained dog can be a wonderful friend of the family.  We reward good behavior and correct bad.  More dogs die from behavior problems than any other cause.  Training a dog is like a dance, it’s all about timing and the right moves.

Other Team Members

Sharon Peterson


My name is Sharon Peterson.  I have been training and showing my own dogs for over 35-years and teaching different obedience classes for 25-years.  I enjoy being involved in different dog sports and have titled dogs in both AKC and UKC obedience, rally obedience, agility and herding.  Shetland Sheepdogs are my heart breed, but I have also owned and trained standard poodles, papillons and a golden retriever.

All of my dogs begin their training by “learning how to learn.”

It is important that dogs are encouraged to figure things out by themselves without interference from handlers.  I believe, quick marker words or clicks followed by a treat are the key components.  Verbal praise and physical praise are also rewards dogs receive for their good behavior.  There are no negatives during the learning period.  I do use some verbal corrections, but only when I am sure the dog understands what he is to do and, for some reason, is choosing to not do.  Withholding praise and treats and saying “try again” usually can get the dog back on track.

Kristina Buckley